Problems with Open Bite

The top and bottom teeth do not make contact when the mouth is closed, leading to an open bite, and a kind of malocclusion. When a person closes his or her mouth, a space appears between the rows. An open bite can mess with a person’s grin, making it difficult to express themselves correctly. One of the most common reasons people seek treatment of expert orthodontics like Dr. Kami Hoss is due to bike problem or misaligned jaw, often known as malocclusion.

Open Bite Type

The most common type of open bite is an anterior open bite. It happens when the upper and lower jaw’s front incisors slant outwards, meaning they don’t touch when the mouth is closed. A posterior open bite, on the other hand, affects the location of the back molars and premolars.

While it does not result in an apparent open bite, a posterior open bite means that the rear teeth causes a gap when a person bites down, making appropriate chewing difficult. Skeletal open bites, caused by abnormal jawbone development due to genetics, and dental open bites – a consequence of crooked or misaligned teeth, are less well-known forms of open bite.

What Are the Causes of Open Bites?

An open bite can be caused by an issue with the jawbone in some cases. This type of malocclusion is common in children who have both primary and permanent teeth. Primary teeth will not be able to align until all of the primary teeth have fallen out, resulting in malocclusion.

According to Dr. Kami Hoss, another habit that contributes to bite problem is biting on strange items or thumb-sucking. The use of a baby bottle or dummy incorrectly may aggravate the issue. Clear aligners can help teeth move into their normal place by closing an open bite.

Habits may also have an impact on this illness. An open bite can occur when people use their tongue to push through their teeth when eating or speaking. Most kids outgrow tongue thrusting, which happens throughout childhood. If they don’t, issues with speech and biting could arise.

Solutions for Open Bites

The severity of the problem and the underlying cause will determine how to treat an open bite. Among the possible solutions are:


In some circumstances, orthodontists can indicate to use of orthodontics to reposition the teeth into a normal place and close the open bite.

Muscle Exercises:

Muscle exercises might help fix an open bite in some circumstances. These exercises can assist in the strengthening of the muscles that regulate the jaw and teeth.

Eradicate Oral Behaviors:

It is critical to eradicate habits such as thumb sucking, dummy use, and unusual swallowing for teeth to form properly.


Doctors can use braces to adjust the position of the jaw and upper jaw bones in specific circumstances.

A kid, adolescent, or an adult can get treatment for an open bite. However, if the teeth have not yet fully formed, it would be easier. Gaps between teeth are undesirable spaces between two or more teeth. In many circumstances, as well. An overbite can cause health concerns such as jaw pain, gum disease, and tooth decay in extreme situations.


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