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Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

Hormones play a significant role in effective bodily functioning in both men and women. Released by a range of glands of the endocrine system including the pituitary, adrenals, thyroid, testes, and ovaries to name a few, hormones act as a chemical messenger and travel through the bloodstream to state various body parts about their action.

Having an appropriate balance of every hormone is critical for healthy living while any kind of imbalance in them can lead to different physical, behavioral, and emotional conditions. So, those who experience low libido, persistent fatigue, loss of energy level, worry or depression, etc. make sure to consult experts at medical clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic to understand if they need hormone optimization therapy. To learn more about HOT, keep reading

What is Hormone Optimization Therapy?

Imbalance in hormones takes place either by discharge of too much or too little of any specific hormone. Typically its solution involves changing such hormone levels to their normal benchmark. As of now, hormone optimization therapy has emerged as the most effective solution to accomplish the desired goal.

Physicians evaluate one’s hormone-related issues by questioning them and thereafter figure out the hormone level by administering one or more blood tests. On analysis of the blood samples, doctors can determine which type of hormone has the imbalance and accordingly follow an individualized approach to let the victim recoup healthy hormone balance. Noteworthy, the supplemental hormones used in the HOT (BHRT) method in medical settings like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic have exactly a similar molecule structure generated by humans making it easily acceptable to the body.

Why Consider BHRT?

Unlike hormone supplements that contain synthetic hormones, the BHRT acronym for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy adopts natural hormones derived from plant life. Due to the similarity with hormones produced in human bodies, they can accept hormones used in BHRT more effectively and thus work successfully to alleviate the symptoms caused by the decline of hormones. The hormones are administered in a variety of forms for example tables, gel, pellets etc. The wide choices make it easy for patients as well as physicians to determine which form should be the ideal one for an individual depending on their convenience, requirement, and budget.

Who are the Right Candidates to Opt for HOT? 

Men who are struggling their life with the frustrating symptoms experienced due to an imbalance of hormones can consult physicians to figure out if they are the right candidate to go for HOT

  • Persistent change in mood, like increased stress and irritation.
  • Physical changes, such as weight loss or gain for unknown reason
  • Lacking libido
  • Loss of Energy and Strength
  • Changes in Metabolism level
  • Heightened fatigue

Advantages of HOT  

Improvement of overall well-being: Considering Hormone optimization therapy from medical settings such as Evan Bass Men’s Clinic can bring a dramatic change by bringing improvement in physical and mental well-being.

Heighten stamina, energy, and strength: Maintaining an optimal balance of hormones automatically brings back the lost stamina, improves energy levels, and reinforces bone density.

Delighting sexual life: An imbalance in the vital sex hormone testosterone is the culprit leading to low libido, erectile dysfunction, and less sperm count. Once optimized it balances testosterone levels and make sexual life highly enjoyable.

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